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Sign up to a Trade 4 Trade account today.
You will benift from:

  1. Businesses willing to trade time not Money for your services/Products
  2. Find established businesses with contracts who need help
  3. Search our real time tenders board
  4. Free iPhone and android app to keep you upto date
  5. Fast Brand awareness and visibility
  6. Search engine facing company profile page (acts as a company website)
  7. Access to trade 4 trades 50k plus social media followers on over 25 platforms
  8. integrated social media pages for instant posting.
  9. Free down loads every month with guides on digital marketing and more
  10. Free help from experienced mentors via our community portal.

At last, a way to unleash the potential fast growth of your business and visability online. So many businesses want to benefit from the phenomenon, but how do you make sure you stand out from the crowd? Trade 4 Trade is a new and unique way of making sure your message is seen/heard? by the people you need to be talking to - today. With over twelve years’ experience in the field of Digital marketing we can guide you through the minefield and take the mystery out of effective online networking.

Trade 4 Trade is a unique way for you to interact with other businesses. Whether you’re starting out or already established; have a service to offer or are looking for help, our range of options can help you succeed. Making effective use of the exponential growth of your visibility and online presence, Trade 4 Trade quickly puts you in touch with the people you need.

Who are we?

Led by Managing Director Anthony Johnson, listed within the top 10 of the SMAUK top 500 Digital marketing Influences. Not sure whether to add this. Maybe a bit egotistical. :-)

Trade 4 Trade’s team can call on a wealth of experience in the twin fields of internet and social media marketing. Over the last twelve years we have put together over 100 successful start-up campaigns and developed a reputation as true leaders in the area. Working in tandem with your business, our certified marketing professionals have the expert knowledge to help transform your ideas into a successful outcome for your business.

What is Trade 4 Trade?

The Trade 4 Trade platform is a user-friendly facility allowing businesses to interact with one another in a unique “trade for trade” marketplace – bringing the barter economy to the internet age. By taking advantage of the existing social and digital networks, Trade 4 Trade lets you quickly and easily reach out to like-minded businesses, forging alliances at a local, national or even international level.


How does it work?

Let’s look at a real example.

As a brand new business, Graphic Designer Paul Jennings was struggling to find a printer to reproduce his own stationery at a price within his limited budget. Paul signed up to Trade 4 Trade and quickly found a printer that urgently needed some artwork for another client. They agreed to print Paul’s stationery in return for a day’s work and both were so happy with the results that they’ve not only worked together since, but provided recommendations to their respective clients. Trade 4 Trade has proved itself an invaluable resource for all parties concerned.

And it isn’t just start-ups that benefit. Trade 4 Trade has a range of options that can be tailored to fit businesses of all size. Expanding? Need help? Our advanced employer tools allow you to fill vacancies, find contractors, compete for tenders and increase your client database.

What do I do?

Once you’ve signed up to Trade 4 Trade you’ll be able to create your own search engine-facing profile which acts as a company website, giving you an immediate online presence. This will be shared via all of our internet media resources. We maintain a presence on over fifty social media platforms -you’ll instantly be visible to tens of thousands of contacts thanks to our unique real-time posting algorithm.

You can choose to promote your services on either our home page or other pages across the platform.

Our members-only mobile app (for iPhone or Android) lets you search for exactly what you need, putting you in touch with other members wherever and whenever you want from the convenience of your hand-held device.

A testimonial feature allows you to read comments and recommendations from other members. Peace of mind that you’re trading with a reputable business. After your trades you can send and receive your own feedback to help create a community of trust. Nothing instils confidence like an honest testimonial for a job well done.

Each month there are free downloads keeping you up to date with the latest trends and advice from the digital marketing world. We’ve always got our finger on the pulse - if it’s relevant, you’ll know about it.

Trade 4 Trade is simple to use but free help is always at hand from experienced online mentors through our members’ community portal.


What else is there?

Trade 4 Trade operates a loyalty reward scheme:

Introduce a friend to us and we’ll give you one month’s free access to the service.

Use the service for a continuous twelve month period and we’ll give you another month for free on top.

Start-up businesses can take advantage of our low-priced starter packs with all you need to get up and running: Business cards; compliment slips; logo and Letterhead designs together with a fully optimised website including Twitter and Facebook facilities.

We can provide you with award-winning insurance products, specially designed around the Trade 4 Trade user’s profile.

Sounds great; what happens now?

Trade 4 Trade really is revolutionary. Though the basic premise is all about matching service with service, the benefits and effects far exceed the original remit. No other platform lets you instantly start to build your client database, acquire testimonials, create brand awareness and begin good quality working relationships like this one.

Come and join us. Let’s work together to encourage an active online business community and get working towards a brighter future.

Packages start from £9.99 per month or £99 per annum. 





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